Funko Pop Lord of The Rings Witch King Collectible Figure (With POP Protector)

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 From Funko. If you must go on a lengthy, dangerous quest, whether to Mordor or some other destination, it's absolutely essential that you bring along the best companions! No fellowship would be complete without Legolas armed with his bow, Gimli with his ax and Boromir with his sword and horn of Gondor. You may find an unlikely ally in the Dunharrow King, who is eager to fulfill his oath to Isildur and be rid of his curse and avoid the Witch King of Angmar, leader of the Ringwraiths and scourge of Middle-earth, but Lady Galadriel might bestow a gift upon you if you're very lucky. Each Pop! figure stands about 4" tall and comes in a window box for display. 

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