Capcom Nergigante Builder Creators Model Monster Hunter Figure

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From the product line "Creator's Model" which is well-known by high quality and large size in Capcom's "Figure Builder" figure series, here comes the infamous terrible elder dragon Nergigante!

This Nergigante that is searching prey on a cliff is sculpted by Taka Higashi, who was also the sculptor of the exclusive figures bundled with the "Monster Hunter: World" and "Monster Hunter World: Iceborne" Collector's Package. The sculptor's name itself is already a guarantee of the distinctive quality of figures.

Furthermore, this is the largest figure among all previous Creator's Model products. You can truly tell Nergigante's deathly atmosphere by its voluminous spikes and threatening eyes on its huge body.
It is definitely a fine item for all Monster Hunter fans and even other monster figure lovers!

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