Batman vs The Joker Sculpt Master Series

Haven Toys


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Justice and chaos clash swords in this amazing first release by Koto Inc. and Zerostar Studios. Angered by the Joker’scrimes, the caped crusader pursues him in his unrelenting fury. Here, he grasps his nemesis by the throat, his fist raised and ready to strike out the evil from Gotham City once and for all.Symbolising his chaotic and often nonsensical nature, the Joker breaks out in unrestrained laughter. Beneath him, a massive gargoyle carved in stone comes to life through the sculptor’s gritty portrayal of the scene. Every minor detail is perfectly etched in veteran sculptor Keiji Iwakura’s work. The DC world can anticipate many more iconic characters and stunning scenes in future releases by Koto Inc. and Zerostar.

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